Fendess guarantees to all its customers secure payments and respectful of privacy through the use of SSL. The customers have the possibility to choose the payment method they prefer, by bank transfer, by credit card or PayPal, according to their needs.

Credit Card

With this method, the bank only authorizes the debit of the amount that relates to the purchase made: if the customer cancels the order, or if Fendess decides not to accept the contract, the company requires that the transaction is canceled, and consequently the amount involved is cancelled.

In specific cases, the company reserves the right to ask the customer additional information or sending copies of documents testifying that used credit card is actually owned by him: if the customer is not able to prove the ownership or otherwise provide this information, Fendess may decide to reject the conclusion of the contract.

The customer is protected at every stage of the transaction from the point of view of privacy: Fendess does not know, in any step of the process carried out by credit card, no personal information about the cardholder, as the data is sent directly to the bank site that deals with the transaction: for this reason the company is not liable in the event that at the time of payment of items purchased on site credit cards are used fraudulently by a third party.

Bank transfer

In the case of advance payment, the order is handled after the bank sent the confirmation of the accreditation, taking into account that the payment must be made within seven days from the date on which the order is made. After this period, the order is automatically cancel.

The reason for the transfer must indicate the order number, the date on which it was made and the name and surname of the customer (if it is a private person) or the company name.

Secure payment SSL

Payment by credit card is based on SSL secure system (which stands for Secure Socket Layer): it is a secure connection encryption, which means that the data of the credit card, at the moment when the order is confirmed, are transferred to the authorization and debit to Cartasi safely.

Fendess does not receive the number of the customer's credit card under any circumstances: the only thing that comes into possession is the authorization made available directly from the card provider.

This procedure ensures not only the buyer but also the seller, since the information transmitted over the Internet can not be read by anyone.


The prices displayed on product pages are subject to daily changes. This change can not be subject to complaints and is closely linked to the market situation and to changes in the exchange rate.